[music video] Hot Chip – Look After Me


It’s in this mellow video and its fait colours that British band Hot Chip delivered a pleasantly melancholic ballad called “Look After Me” perfect for the coming autumn, or late summer nights.

Listen to it below!

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[music video] Hopium – Cut

I don’t know much about Australian duo Hopium, a band backed by Pilerats. If only that their website is pretty nice and pretty in its simplicity, and that they released this year their video for “Cut” in which naked bodies and mirror effects have been used to their paroxysm. Nevertheless, it is addicting.

The duo is from Melbroune, a city known for its musical richness. Needless to say, Australia is truly the birthplace of many good artist that inscribe themselves in this “neo-indie electronica sort of thing,” or just call it good music.

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[song] Cherokee – Take Care Of You

Not a novelty but a nice French touch by duo Cherokee.

Listen to Cherokee‘s catchy “Take Care Of You” below!

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  [Song] Miami Horror – Real Slow (Robotaki remix) (listen here)

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[video] Yujen – “Try It Over”


Beautiful in its simplicity

A few months after the release of their EP No Aware Yujen and the melodious voice of Chet Faker are back with an original video for “Try it Over“.

The overlapping of roads in an unraveling sequence, like chasing your own thoughts backward, is taking and fuses with the beautiful track.

Watch the official video for “Try It Over” by Yujen below!

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  [Song] Chet Faker – 1998 (listen here)

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[video] Banks – “Drowning”

The R’n’B goddess Banks is back with a new video for her song “Drowning.” Let’s be honest, it’s beautiful and probably because she is beautiful.

The song “Drowning” takes on themes that are central to Banks‘ lyrics: love, attraction and how feelings can pretty much f*ck you up. The slight touch of anger that can be perceived in her voice is however what really gives her songs its peculiar intimate ambiance. It pulls you in and “Drowning” and its video is no exception.

Watch below by clicking on the image! (I couldn’t embed this video so a link will do it for the moment)

Banks 2

For the pleasure of the eyes

Her first album entitled Goddess, coming after two Eps released in 2013, will be out September 5, so make sure to check it out once released!

She will be touring a bit around Europe during June and Jully. You can see all of her dates here.

For those in Japan who will be there this summer, Banks will also be playing live at Summer Sonic on August 16 in Osaka and August 17 in Tokyo. There is a huge line-up, so it would be really a waste not to go to this event, which I would argue this year is more interesting than Fuji Rock. I envy you all.

I will not be able to go so I will just comfort myself with her latest music video.

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[song] Banks – “Brain (prod. by Shlohmo” (listen here)
Shlohmo is really one of those producer who set himself apart from the rest. Check his soundcloud for more!

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[song] Grant Bowtie – “Reach”

A while ago, Asutralian producer Wave Racer was granting us the fabulous track “Streamers,” to which you could imagine yourself with your friends racing in jet-skis carried forward by the waves, sun high up the horizon. And afterwards, go back to the shore and enjoy a cup of good coffee. Or is it just me?

Monstercat 1

Another track with the same tropical power is highschooler Grant Bowtie‘s magistral “Reach,” a track whose atmosphere is coined right in the name. It is part of the album (or compilation?) Monstercat 017 – Ascension from highly recommended Monstercat.

Grant Bowtie 1

But back to Grant Bowtie and “Reach” itself!

It starts, it grows, it explodes and brings you to another sky where you feel not so far away from bliss. The heavy synth leads in this track really bring the power of the sound forward, and the hatched beat just makes “Reach” a good ‘electro head-banger,’ a term not yet in the English dictionary. Notice also the solo lead in the second half reminiscent of some “quite” famous electronic French duo.

Listen to Grant Bowtie‘s fabulous “Reach” below!

Happy mood is on the go!

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[song] Ryan Hemsworth – “Ryan Must Be Destroyed (Wave Racer remix)” (listen here)

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[ep] Yujen – No Aware


A band picture to the image of their music!

Yujen, an Australian trio released the ep No Aware only a few hours ago via Soundcloud. It seems that this ep also marks their arrival on Facebook so make sure to like their page if you like them. But wait… why should we care about all of this?

Yujen 1
Yujen had had a song up on Soundcloud for six months called “Try It Over,” who reached the 200k views. The reason behind it? It’s an amazing song with an atmospheric soundscape that makes it even chiller than Chet Faker who lent his voice to the track. The Australian singer, a big name, is thus to account for the attention that “Try It Over” got.
It was a great marketing move, deliberated or not, and its presence on No Aware as the second track of the ep is a smart choice.

Chet Faker - Promotional picture for "Try It Over"

Chet Faker – Promotional picture for “Try It Over”

But the ep No Aware goes beyond that relative success by bringing other beautiful tracks that you might not have expected from the band after hearing their collab’ with Chet Faker.

The other tracks of No Aware are not sung and are instrumental pieces creating a very ambient and planning sound that can inscribes itself in a soft Chillwave (or what I define as Chillwave, but that will be discussed later in a different post).

Out of the lot, I recommend the brilliant fifth track “Minor Observations” who include some ambient vocals, or let’s say ‘murmurs’. Do yourself a favour and listen to it before sleeping, or you might not perceive the vespertine beauty of such a track.

Listen to No Aware by Yujen below!

What do you guys think? Are they artists to keep an eye on?

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  [music video] The Acid – Fame (watch here)

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