You end up here, so why not make the most of it! I won’t chit-chat too long, you won’t like it, and it would use my neurones for too long, I wouldn’t even get much out of it.

If you like the music, if you like stuff you hear, musical stuff, you might be in a right place. ‘Maybe’ because nobody likes the same sh*t unfortunately. But lend me your ears for one try.

No? You prefer visual stuff? I got you, movies and images, stuff like that, more straightforward. I mean sometime it is. there will be a bit of that too.

"I'll wait for you downstair" "Where?"

“I’ll wait for you downstair” “Where?”

And if you are the kind of people that loves overthinking till you mess up a bit of what is inside of your head, that blog should do it for you too from time to time.


Overthinking can do stuff to you

Let’s just put all of these in our brain, eyes and ears and let those ideas sweat us out.


About me: (or maybe us in the future?)

I am an aspiring writer, no more, no less, yet to make my first achievements.

Living here and there, from here and there.

This blog is not about the latest trends, but rather about the giant jigsaw made of bits of culture, thoughts, music, images, people, etc, that I come across in my life. Add your piece too!

You can also follow the page on Facebook for the latest articles (and because we all know it, we spend more time there than anywhere else)!
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5 Responses to About

  1. You’re very funny and entertaining. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. For more info check out my post: http://emilystorvold.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/liebster-award/

  2. Province says:

    Do you have a submission email? We’d love to send you some details about a music/art project we’re working on at the moment?

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