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[live] Petrol – “Blood of the Unicorn”

French band Pethrol is a good mash-up of electronic sounds exposed with clear and powerful vocals. Add real drums behind – something rare these days – and you might have a rough idea of what it is all about. Except you won’t. … Continue reading

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The National Documentary – Mistaken For Strangers

It happens to me every single time, I look up concert dates a few days late and find myself unable to go, either because the tickets are sold out, or because my money has been spent on other (vain) things, … Continue reading

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The Air – Modest Mouse, As Everything Plays Backward

The most underrated song by Modest Mouse, according to my personal taste when it comes to write witty introductions for a new post! Enjoy “The Air.” Enjoy especially from the second third, when the bass comes as enchantress and take … Continue reading

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A Slow Dose Over beard Voices – The Acid EP

It’s the night, you need to get down, car’s lights on, with only the dark to get away from your front. And there is this song, with its regular pulse bringing you further, this whir that spur spontaneously just to … Continue reading

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