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Folie à Plusieurs : Art collectivism in post-war Japan

This text is a modified version of what used to be one of my line of thought about Japanese post-war art groups. I thought I would put it here for those that might find it interesting in any sense. I … Continue reading

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[art] e-Boy : Who would have guessed that Habbo could be art?

e-Boy (“Godfathers of Pixels”) is an art group that exists since 1997. And no, what they make as art works are not game landscapes but images made out of pixels (like any images on your computer) in the visual style of … Continue reading

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[art] If only the world had no clothes: Monica Ramos

Today, come and dive into the world of dream-like lands inhabited by voluptuous subjects. Monica Ramos is the Brooklyn-based artist behind the following illustrations. Her oeuvre deals with many different subjects and often illustrates publications that deal with current issues, including the … Continue reading

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[photography] Splashes of Colours by No-Milk

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Vincent No-Milk is an aspiring photographer originally from Tahiti, French Polynesia, and now based in Montreal, Canada. His works until now have proved to be rich in vivid collars and deal with the everyday scenes that brings him inspiration for his … Continue reading

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[photography] A blast of nature with Cameron Gardner

The title of this post can be misleading, as the Los Angeles based photographer Cameron Gardner does not only deal with wide open spaces. But when looking through his gallery, one surely will be astonished at the beauty that the … Continue reading

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[art] Graphic Dissection by Shintaro Kago

THIS CAN BE DISTURBING SO PLEASE BE AWARE! Shintaro Kago is a manga artist who’s take on reality is that of a surgeon cutting through surfaces. I would not recommend anyone who have difficulties with graphic art to look that … Continue reading

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[photgraphy] People of Tokyo

Here is a nice gallery of pictures taken around Tokyo by simoastraunot. Make sure  to check out his Filmography tab where the project What’s Your Story (that you can see here!) produces videos quite regularly. More to expect from over there! … Continue reading

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