[remix] Miami Horror – Real Slow (Robotaki Remix)

It goes Papalapap! that’s how the song goes, and that’s pretty much what you need to know before listening to the fantastic remix of “Real Show” of Miami Horror by producer Robotaki. Make sure to check his Soundcloud here! And also hands down to Miami Horror who keep on producing great remixes and tracks!

Just released today, fresh in your ears for a taste of what summer is bringing!

So, ready to dance?


About Florian Turgeon

Je fais de la poterie avec mes idées. Puis je les casse. J'en fais des miettes.
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2 Responses to [remix] Miami Horror – Real Slow (Robotaki Remix)

  1. hannahms28 says:

    Reblogged this on The Aural Fix and commented:
    Great find from Sweatid. Summer…is…almost…here…

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